OK, who here has too many clothes? Raise your hand! (It’s OK if you raised your hand…I won’t tell…) “What?! Is that even possible,” some of you may say. Hello.  It’s possible. If you’re like me, you love clothes, but you just have too many. I am not a super fan of shopping, but I’ve […]

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i need someone to tell me

Do you ever feel like you are the only one going through a difficult season? Do the days/weeks/months of hardship tend to become so overwhelming you feel as though it will never end? Being a mom, we don’t get a reprieve from the stress, and situations are what they are. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed […]

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time for a reality check

I’m going to let you in on a little secret? You ready? This is serious… I don’t have it all together. Actually I don’t even have it close to all together. Are you shocked? I’m sure if you know me at all you are shaking your head vehemently in agreement, acknowledging that I do not […]

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the importance of showing up

School has officially started and many of us have gotten back into the routine that fall brings. Earlier wake ups, quick breakfasts, last-minute homework, and bus stops may now be part of your morning. You know that sending your kids to school prepared is important. Full bellies and backpacks. But in September, it’s a good time […]

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she loves me, she loves me not

You love your children unconditionally, but nothing puts this to the test until your child says “I hate you.”  I am a mother of what you call a “tween” and the emotions, mood swings, and anger that comes out of her little body is astounding. My daughter is going through the phase that she doesn’t […]

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what to expect when you’re empathizing

We decided to send our kids to a different school this year, and the transition was stressful for my son. He expressed sadness in missing the friends he made last year. Even though we wholeheartedly believe the new school is what’s best for him in the long run, I had compassion for the feelings he […]

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how to talk to an autism mommy

You’ve seen them. They are ahead of you in line at the grocery store, standing next to you in the school parking lot waiting for their child; they are at the doctor’s office, next to you at church, and helping you at the cell phone store. “They” are parents of children with autism. With 1 […]

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how to be a better wife: five great reminders from my three little girls

About ten years ago I made an eye-opening discovery. Someone had stolen my husband’s heart. Actually it was three “someones.” Our three little girls. They adored their daddy – and the feeling was mutual. At the time, I was home every day with a preschooler, a toddler and a baby. I loved being a mom, […]

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playgroup | Chick-Fil-A

QCMB and United Way of the Quad Cities presents:    Join us September 29th at Chick-Fil-A for a fun morning for moms and kids! Get your tickets here!  

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mommy running lessons: the sabbatical

This is the third edition of Life Lessons Learned While Running.  Each month a new lesson will be posted related specifically to running and, well, to life in general.  Enjoy the third of many lessons learned while running.  You can read the first lesson about slowing your pace here and the second lesson about learning […]

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