you’re invited to the water party, November 15th

Have you ever seen the powerful results of women, who put their hearts and minds together for a good cause? Prepared to be inspired and want to attend this one-of-a-kind event on the third floor of The Redstone Room on November 15th. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the very best of Quad Cities’ locally made drinks, desserts, art and music. […]

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trick-or-treating schedule and safety

It’s about that time again: time to suit up and head out the door for another Halloween sugar fest! Being a free spirit, I’ve always hated rules in every way, shape or form. But the game has changed now that I have little ones. For my kids’ safety and well-being as well as yours, let’s […]

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barbells aren’t just for boys

Women power lifters. Are you picturing a woman with bulging biceps, traps and quads? Push that out of your mind and let me show you regular women, who lift big weights, who look just like you! Erica Squat: 225 Dead lift: 210 Bench: 130 OH Press: 80 What did you think about lifting before you […]

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a decade’s worth

10 years ago I was a young girl on the way to accomplishing one of life’s biggest dreams. I was the happiest I had ever been because I was on my way down the aisle to be married to my best friend. I remember driving to the church in the limo surrounding by my girlfriends […]

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5 ways to fit reading into your daily life

We all know how important reading to our children is, but sometimes knowing what’s best is easier than doing what’s best. Life is busy, and sitting down to read with your child can get lost between working, cooking, cleaning, driving the kids to sports, and getting a free second to shower. Then there’s the TV. […]

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lessons i’ve learned from doing my daughter’s hair

I’ve previously confessed that I am not much of a girly girl.  My hair has never been glamourous except the day I come home from the salon.  That’s a good hair day.  I never learned how to braid and those cute updos ladies whip up in seconds with just a few bobby pins…forget about it.  […]

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keys to a stay at home mom’s heart

I love being a stay at home mom, but it can be challenging to say the least. I think the burden is lightest when I feel valued and appreciated for what I do. Don’t we all want that, no matter what our profession? So in the spirit of the “what not to say” series we’re running on the blog, I’m going […]

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do you like scary movies?

It is October, the month that brings pumpkin spice everything, the changing of the leaves, and a tribute to all things scary.  Vampires, ghosts, and goblins line the aisles of the local stores and soon those spooks will be knocking on your door asking for candy.  It is the perfect time of year to grab […]

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if i could bubble wrap her heart

Something strange, yet wonderful happened when I gazed into my first newborn baby’s eyes. My maternal instincts kicked in. Suddenly I knew I’d do anything to protect that little girl. Of course I couldn’t protect her from everything. After all, moms have limits. I learned that lesson early – even before we left the hospital. […]

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all things apples

Kim just wrote a great post about fun fall activities.  We’ve been on the QC fall fun train, too, having recently visited the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  Thanks to all that family-friendly fun, we also now have apples coming out our ears!  I referenced Marie’s post about great apple recipes to share, but here […]

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