a lot of sunshine; a little grain of salt

Walking out of a rest area on my way home from visiting family in St. Louis last week, I noticed people gesturing to something going on behind me, so I turned to look. I saw a male, who wasn’t wearing a shirt or pants, yet he didn’t appear the least bit self conscious; He was […]

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solo cinema

I returned a call to my mother the other day while in the parking lot of the movie theatre. I had to cut the conversation short to make it for the start time of the movie I was going to see. When she asked who I was watching the movie with and I replied, “Alone” […]

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grandma has a story to tell

A few years ago I went on a mission – a mission to learn as much as possible about the grandmothers in our family history. Who were these women? What were they like? What were their joys and struggles? I wanted to know more about them – and share their stories with my daughters. Most […]

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running lessons: slowing the pace

Welcome to the new series Life Lessons Learned While Running.  Each month a new lesson will be posted related specifically to running and, well, to life in general.  Enjoy the first of many lessons learned while running. I’m a runner.  Sort of.  I mean, I run a few times a week and I suppose, after […]

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i’m not crazy!

I’m not crazy!  Well at least not in the sense that I need to be put in to an asylum.  Let’s admit it, we all have a little crazy in us. Do you ever get the feeling that something is wrong even though everyone tells you there isn’t?  That is how I felt for quite […]

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unexpected blessings

Today is Elizabeth’s 12th birthday.  In our family, birthdays are a big deal.  The day is yours.  You get to choose what we do, where we eat, and best of all PRESENTS!  Unfortunately, our daughter Elizabeth has never had the privilege of celebrating a birthday with us.  When she was 3 months old, Elizabeth died […]

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life lessons learned from vacation

This blog post is coming to you live from Colorado.  We have traveled all over, to some amazing destinations but since my first visit here 14 years ago it has remained at the top of my favorites list.  There is something about being in the midst of natural beauty that centers you, grounds you and […]

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those crazy kids!

Imagine your life before kids… peaceful, independent, carefree, spontaneous, relaxed, organized, clean. Being able to ask yourself, “What shall I do today?” Ahhh, those were the days… Wait. Hello? Earth to mama…? Before you get lost in the reminiscent era gone by, don’t forget about those little ones clamoring for your attention at this very […]

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easy banana muffins

I had a major craving for Banana Muffins and Evan desperately needed a stimulating activity that wasn’t part of our regular routine. I noticed I had some bananas stashed in the freezer and decided morning-time baking would be the perfect activity for us, but I had very few ingredients to work with.  I have to […]

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the 8 a.m. list

Yesterday, I was a bad mom. I was too busy to listen. I lost my temper. I yelled. I cried. Thank goodness for a new day, right? When I woke up this morning, I started my routine and realized … this was it!  My morning routine was lost yesterday. Henry was up early and I […]

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