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It’s December, I can’t believe it and I can. Time seems to happen so fast and one of my favorite things during the holidays really anytime of the year is hosting family and friends for get togethers. Hosting can be fun and stressful all in the same time and through different parties I have a learned a few lessons to make any celebration easy and stress free.

1. Don’t be afraid to use dispobables. Example paper plates, plastic silverware, paper napkin. I like pretty plates but this can be a huge timesaver and help with clean-up especially with large numbers of guest. If you decide to go with plastic silverware think about wrapping silverware in a napkin and tying off with some cute/festive ribbon this can spruce up any buffet line or table setting.

2. Drink Stations are a must. When I am hosting I always set up a station where guest can serve themselves a drink. This way I can mingle and visit with guest than running individual drinks to everyone. Having a drink station set up also helps when it is time to sit down at the table because guest can help themselves to a refill. For a drink station I usually recommend a tub or cooler of water, pop, and beer, For the children have juice boxes ready to go but not low enough that they can help themselves. Lastly if you are doing a themed drink make sure you have cups, ice and the ingredients listed.

3. Let your guest help. Yes this was the most difficult one for me to accept. When friends and family offer to bring something take them up on it. Host feel sometimes like they have to do everything and that isn’t the case. An appetizer, dessert or salad can be so much help and guest feel part of the “action” when they can contribute.

4. Display a menu. Letting your guests know what is on the menu is helpful in so many ways. It helps anyone with allergies to be aware and for picky eaters to know what to stay clear of. Creating a menu on a chalkboard, mirror, or on paper is also a way you can add elements of décor in with color.

5. Finally, let the husbands or the kids do the cleanup!!!! (if they are old enough that is) You have worked your tail off and deserve to enjoy some of your yummy fixings and a drink of your choice! Of course you may have to do a little tidying up since we all know men don’t clean the same as women.

Happy Hosting!!!

What tips/tricks help you host parties?

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2 Responses to helpful hosting tips for the holiday season

  1. Kim@NewlyWoodwards December 6, 2013 at 3:28 PM #

    These are such great tips!!! NO reason to make the season the time to be stressed.

    Also – your picture makes me smile. We had that same moment last weekend with Santa. ;)

  2. Emily December 7, 2013 at 10:16 PM #

    Love your tips, Erin. Thanks!

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